Beautiful school and owners are absolutely wonderful with children. Slidell is very lucky to have a school like this opening in our community!

Kelly Sima Benedic

This school is amazing. Our sons are in the Primary and Pre-Primary class and have flourished in just the few short months that they have been there. Their teachers and staff are knowledgeable, caring and dedicated to the children in their community and the development of their WHOLE self.

Melanie Schiller-Seidel

Our Vision

"We believe in providing children with the keys to unlock their full potential to become life-long learners and make a positive impact on our world. We believe in the importance of education and it being the foundation on which children may grow."

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  • Primary Environment

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Primary Environment

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Nido Environment

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Primary Environment

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Primary Environment

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Nido Environment

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Nido Environment (2 months to 12 months)

Montessori Academy of Slidell offers a full day Nido Environment program that builds a nurturing, trusting relationship between child and caregiver. MAS guides (teachers) will provide consistent positive energy and model tranquil behavior. Nido Infants have a high sensitivity to light and sound. We provide a nurturing, peaceful environment. Our Nido Environment will foster movement, as this is an innate human tendency during the early stages of development.

Montessori Academy of Slidell’s Nido Environment provides fundamental care for the child in terms of feeding and hygiene. Rest is critical to the child’s developing brain. Our Nido Environment will provide consistent sleep routines to foster this development.

Infant Community (12/15 months to 3 years old)

All activities at Montessori Academy of Slidell are designed to connect the child with the staff on a personal and emotional level. The objective is to make the child secure in their own environment. The guides practice the art of observation that allows us to follow the interests of the child. This setting allows us to foster practical life skills during this critical stage of development. The Infant Community’s prepared environment at Montessori Academy of Slidell includes:

● Language, Art, and Music.
● Sensorial exercises (Gross and fine motor skills, object permanence).
● Grace and Courtesy lessons (ex: pull out chairs, open doors, modeling manners).
● Practical Life exercises (self-care, outdoor environment, indoor environment, care of others, preliminary lessons: spooning, pouring, and folding).

The first three years of life is a continuous learning curve. The development progresses from one experience to the next. The Infant Community at Montessori Academy of Slidell is dedicated to promoting the child’s critical thinking and building their independence.

We offer toilet training in our Infant Community. It is important that our children become independent in their toiletry needs. By the time a child is walking, the body has physically developed the muscles needed to control bodily functions. We provide an environment that promotes the consistent practice.

Primary Environment (2.5 years old to 6 years old)

The Montessori Academy of Slidell’s Primary environment provides the child with a prepared environment that fosters the development of the whole child: social, emotional, physical, and cognitive. The Montessori prepared environment exists to promote independence by encouraging freedom of choice and movement within and outside the classroom. The curriculum consists of practical life, sensorial, mathematics, language, and cultural/geography. The Montessori adult or guide focuses on meeting the needs of each individual child through daily observation. The multiage group provides children with a chance to be leaders and provides the opportunity to learn from others.

Our primary environment at Montessori Academy of Slidell is a community that protects the development of the primary child and encourages an atmosphere of peace, love, and acceptance. Within the Montessori Academy of Slidell primary classroom, children must be allowed 3-hours of uninterrupted work time. When the children arrive in the classroom the 3-hour uninterrupted work cycle will begin. During this time, children will have the freedom to choose purposeful work or prepare their morning snack. After the morning work cycle ends, the children will continue to outdoor play, then lunch. When the children return from lunch, they will have about 15 minutes of quiet time/Independent reading. After they will have the freedom to choose work once again until the afternoon work cycle ends.

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